Monday, April 12, 2010


We had a great weekend here in the Far North, filled with sunshine. As it can rain here for days on end, even in the summer, you have to take advantage when nice weather blows through. We spent Saturday out on the water, sort of fishing, but mostly just relaxing and motoring around.

Porter loved every second of it. I wish he would quit giving me this look when I ask him to smile, but he was happy.

Molly is a trooper, considering she has to spend much of her time here...

We even caught some Dungeness crab, which was exciting and delicious for all involved.

I'm Cooking: So, besides eating crab and lots of salad and potato chips this weekend, we also had Cornmeal Fried Fish, Braised Greens and Biscuits. This meal just says summer to me.


  1. Made the biscuits this weekend using your recipe! They turned out great- though I ended up eating them all. (Dan didn't even get a bite)