Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh, Costco

Let me start off by saying that I really love Costco. There are not a lot of shopping options here, and (in my opinion) Costco is the best place around to buy many, many things including diapers, meat, maple syrup, and even clothes.

But the milk. It is cheap and so I buy it. But why do they not have organic 2%? And why in the world did they design the milk jug so that every single dang time you pour some milk, it spills all over the counter?? I'm about to lose my mind.

I'm Cooking: Last night I made homemade pizza. One pepperoni to please pretty much everyone else, and one BBQ chicken pizza for me! BBQ sauce, baked chicken breast, mozzarella & cheddar cheese, green onions and (a lot of) sun-dried tomatoes. The leftovers were fantastic.


  1. Jessy! I am so with you on them DAMN milk jugs. I refuse to buy milk at Costco. I cannot pour milk properly from them and I refuse to allow milk to make me feel inferior.

    That said, we tried their maple syrup and hated it. Do you really like it? We bought a vat (not kidding) of blue cheese, a BLOCK of gouda, and another vat of hummus on our last Costco adventure. And soon we'll be back for more.

  2. I have to agree 100% about costco. Here in Korea, we have a costco. I am sure i would have gone nuts if i couldn't get any "home" food!!

    When i get home i am going to use that website for toddler food ideas. Here I can't seem to find 1/2 the stuff, so i will just stick to eggs/ leftovers for lunch! Thanks for posting links!! :)

  3. Elena, I was wondering if it was just me! LOL. It makes me sad, but I'm going to have to stop buying milk there too. I just can't take it anymore. The maple syrup has been fine, did you get that Kirkland 100% maple syprup in the jug with the handle? That said, I use it mostly in cooking (where there are other flavors), so it probably doesn't matter as much. It's just so much cheaper than the grocery store. Maple syrup is crazy expensive if you go through a lot!

    Carolyn, does the Costco there have all American stuff? Or is it Korean stuff too? I'm glad you have it!

  4. Amen I thought I was the only one!! Dang square jugs, but I guess it has saved them thousands on shipping.