Monday, April 5, 2010

The Bus

Today was an exciting day for Porter. His entire preschool class (20 four year olds) took a field trip to the library to hear a special Folk Fest story time and sing along. And they took the city bus to get there. Porter asks to ride the school bus almost every day, and while this one wasn't yellow, it was pretty close to the real thing.

My car is in the shop, so I decided to take Molly and go along for the ride (and help hold a few hands). The kids all had to get suited up (it is a gorgeous day here, but it did snow a couple of inches over night), walk about six blocks to the bus stop, wait patiently, get on the bus, sit down for the ride, get off the bus, and make it into the library safely. Twenty four year olds, seriously. I was sort of imagining this crazy scene of kids running into the road and all the other bus passengers hating us. But you know what? They were great. Really well behaved. The whole thing went off without a hitch, and the kids had a fabulous time.

I know that when I plan something like this for just my own two children, about 50% of the time it ends in me yelling and everyone being tired and hungry and bummed out at something that was supposed to be fun. I'm not sure what it is about being at school (even on a field trip) that makes everyone so much more cooperative and obedient, but I'm thankful. I just wish that Rhonda and Mary could take my kids to public places all the time so it could go so smoothly.

Sorry for the blur here (it was bumpy), but Porter was really into the bus ride...

I'm Cooking: Last night I made one of my kid-friendly (at least to my kids) stir-fries. Chicken and Veggies (mushrooms and bell peppers this time) with Yakisoba Noodles. There is no recipe here, just cooking of meat and vegetables with garlic and ginger and lots of soy sauce. And some fresh basil and oregano and sesame seeds if I have them. Porter may have picked out all the peppers and mushrooms, but he ate a whole bowl of chicken and noodles, which is more than I can say for many nights out of the week.

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