Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kids and Love

After Porter's first day of school, and much prodding on my part, I finally was able to get something, anything out of him about being a brand new first grader.  He told me that when he walked down the hallway all by himself that morning, he felt tears in his eyes.  He said, "Mom, I missed you so much."  Tears welled up in my eyes at my sweet baby boy that only pretends to not want me around.  And then he said, "or maybe I was just cold."

With that I will leave you with the best picture I took of my parents with all their grandchildren.  Kids I tell ya.  But then also my dad. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Grade

My baby boy started first grade today!  He is no longer a lowly kindergartner, but an actual grader, moving one step higher on the totem pole.  Compared to last year, the day was fairly anti-climactic and calm.  It will take some adjusting back to the early morning schedule, plus he will have a longer day of classes, but we were all excited to get back in the swing of things.  I'm a little nervous about this year, his teacher and the school, but Porter managed to make it all seem like no big deal.  He actually asked me (in a quiet little voice) this morning if maybe I could not go with him.  A request that sadly was not honored (I thought I had a few years before he didn't want me around), but I think that an after school ice cream treat more than made up for it.  Growing up and moving forward!    

Friday, August 17, 2012


I have been putting off this post, partly because there are many more positive things to talk about, and partly because I was holding out hope, and partly because it just makes me feel like an awful person.  But here.

A couple of days before the kids and I left on our trip, we brought a brand new puppy home.  Bryce and I had been talking about this for years, and the right opportunity finally fell in our laps.  She was an 8 week old female black lab, and we named her Penny.  She was a puppy and she peed in our house, but she was cute as hell and we all loved her.  Dawson was skeptical at first, but he came around after awhile.  Penny followed him everywhere, and they slept together at night, curled up in a big black ball of fur.

And then Bryce was walking the dogs one day, one second she was there, and the next she was just gone.  He looked for hours and hours, for days on end.  Friends of ours looked.  Signs were put up.  Radio shows and animals shelters were called.  But we are pretty sure that she was swept away in a fast moving river, and that little Penny just was not long for this world.  It was a freak accident, and even though Bryce feels horrible, it wasn't anyone's fault. 

Luckily for us, the kids only knew her for a few days, and it wasn't very traumatic for them.  Porter cried a couple of times, but it was more just tears over a sad story than over the loss of a friend.  Molly doesn't really understand.  Bryce and I mostly just feel guilty. 

And then, just this morning, I heard a story on the radio about a family hiking in Yosemite, and their six year old son who was carried away in a fast moving river, who is now presumed dead.  Oh my God.  The horror of that story made me realize (and I know Bryce is there too) that although our sad little story has been weighing heavily on our hearts, we really are the lucky ones.  Hug your children (of all kinds) close.  Life can change in an instant.

Rest in peace little Penny dog.  You will be missed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Henry Bryce

I'm an aunt again!  My wonderful sister-in-law had another baby boy on Sunday night, and he is perfect, of course.  Big congratulations to Allison and Dan and big brother Hugh.  We love you!

Welcome to the world Henry Bryce.  We hope to meet you very, very soon. 

Also, I adore your name.

Friday, August 10, 2012

One Month

It has actually been more than a month since I last posted here.  Time flies, right?  There has been a lot to say, some good, some bad, some just life.  I'm hoping I will eventually get to it all.  The highlight was taking the kids down to Oregon to see family and friends.  It was hot and lovely and we saw some of our favorite people in the whole wide world.  It was my first time traveling with all three kids by myself.  And I survived.  I'll say that much.

It was great to see cousins.  And dance in the sun.

And one of my oldest, dearest, and most beautiful friends got married.  Congratulations Mary and Ryan!  A fantastic time was had by all.

More stories to come, but we are back home now.  And school starts in 10 DAYS.  Ack.  My baby boy is going to be a first grader. 

Lastly, you just ought to try this falafel recipe.  It was really easy and very, very tasty.  I used canned garbanzo beans, and they turned out great.