Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Day two of no nap time nursing went well! She still asked for it, but didn't cry when I said no. And went to sleep. I always, always build these things up in my head way too much, and then they end up being not such a big deal.

I'm hardening our vegetable starts this week, hoping to plant them outside this weekend. It's always a little scary here since a frost (or snowfall) could come out of nowhere. But it is 65 degrees today. Woot! This is our third year of vegetable gardening here in the Far North, and I'm excited for the results.

I'm Cooking: Last night I made this Lemon Chicken recipe. I changed it a lot though, adding zucchini with the mushrooms, chicken stock with the wine, and sour cream at the end. I used diced chicken breast, and didn't use the sliced lemons. Anyway, it was good! Served with Baked Brown Rice.

I also made Zucchini Chocolate Cupcakes over the weekend. I used an extra ounce of chocolate, no nuts, and I made my own chocolate butter cream frosting. And I used a lot of zucchini. My kids loved them. They aren't healthy by any means, but if you're going to make chocolate cupcakes, it's nice to sneak some veggies in there too. The zucchini almost completely disappears during the baking process, leaving you with moist, yummy cakes. The recipe makes a lot of cupcakes, but I put my extras in the freezer.

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