Monday, April 26, 2010


Today I bought milk at the grocery store. I'm done fighting that battle.

This morning Porter and Molly were struggling over a toy. Normally I let them work it out themselves, but it escalated to screaming and throwing, and I had to step in. I talked to Porter about being an older brother and how important it was for him to help his sister grow up. And how there were certain toys that were only his, but most of them he had to share. About half an hour later, he came to me and said he had been thinking about it. And that I was right, and he was going to never be mean to Molly again. I'm not naive enough to think it will last, but he was so good for the rest of the day. It made me hope that they really do listen to me, at least some of the time. And that despite my last post, I'm an okay mom.

A couple of days ago, Bryce asked me if I was all done weaning Molly. Ack. First of all, I guess he's not super observant. But also, I had not even started weaning Molly. I think I talked about it so much that he thought I had done something about it. This week, I am actually starting the weaning process with Molly instead of only talking about it. I just put her down for her nap without nursing for the first time ever (I mean, other people have occasionally put her down for a nap, but never me). Her little face when she realized what was happening almost made me break my resolve. I tried to snuggle her to make up for it, but she just screamed and screamed. I left her in her crib crying, wondering if this was going to work, and by the time I got down the stairs she was asleep. Whew.

I'm Cooking: Over the weekend, I made a roasted pork loin and black-eyed peas with greens. Not really any exciting recipes to report, just basic food, but it was good. I love beans, even if no one else in this house will eat them.

I also made these for lunch. They were great! And a good way to use up leftover rice. I used brown rice, ham, diced zucchini, fresh basil, green onions and cheddar cheese. I think they would be a nice breakfast item too. Molly gobbled them up, Porter not so much (but nothing new there).

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  1. FYI: I haven't fully weaned yet either. Though, I now only nurse before bed and first thing in the morning (extra snuggle time). It has really helped during the day. Finn no longer screams and cries when I enter a room.

    I've missed some before bed feedings, and all has been well there too.

    Our kids might just be weaned before they're two. Right?

    Good job on getting your (other) milk at the grocery store.