Friday, April 23, 2010

Mother of the Year Award

Okay, so I was checking my email yesterday, and Porter was behind me yelling "Mom, look at me, Mom, MOM." And I was saying "oh yeah honey, that's great." Not even looking to see what he was talking about. This happens a lot. You know. So then I finally turn around and see...

So we had a talk about plastic bags and why it is not okay to put them on your head. And why it's not funny even when I take a picture of it and laugh a little. It's dangerous!

And then, seriously two minutes later I turn around and see...

We did have another talk about how your little sister copies everything you do. And I clearly need to find a new home for the ziplocs. And Molly looks freaked out in that picture, but she really wasn't. Sigh.

I'm Cooking: Last night we had Penne with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto. I love this recipe, it's easy and a nice change from regular pesto or spaghetti sauce. I find that it makes plenty of sauce for a pound of pasta, even if you add in some meat or veggies. I used some diced chicken breast and broccoli. Make sure you reserve the pasta cooking water, because you will need it!

On Thursday I had to bring a snack to Porter's preschool, and I made these healthy oatmeal cookies. They end up kind of chewy (and are no substitute for real cookies), but the kids ate them up. I added some cracked wheat and used dried cherries and no nuts.


  1. Oh, that makes me laugh. It reminds me of an episode of Mad Men, where one of the kids comes downstairs with a dry cleaning bag on her head, and tells her mom she's an astronaut. The mom looks horrified and yells, "Sally Draper, if my dry cleaning is on the floor again you are in big trouble, young lady!"

  2. Mighty just screamd, "Porter's gonna die!" Then we had a talk about plastic bags, too. And I reassured him that Porter was totally fine. He was really worried there for a minute.

  3. I love that you're letting it happen long enough to be taking photos of this. Brilliant!