Friday, April 16, 2010


Okay, I have to admit that after my last post, I have done nothing about breakfast. I ran out of eggs and motivation and all that. AND, Porter ate fish sticks for lunch yesterday. But I'm getting my act together and starting next week!

Today I went to visit a friend. She is actually Bryce's boss's wife. Her seven grandchildren all live down south, and with no grandparents of our own here, we make a good pair. Her husband has the same kind of schedule that Bryce does, and she offered me a good perspective on reality today that I think I needed to hear. I've been getting very caught up lately in what is good for ME and thinking that meant it was also good for my family. Which, of course, is sometimes the case. But not always. More on this later, but if everyone who has been through it tells me this time with small children goes so fast, I'm thinking I should probably believe it. And quit worrying about what comes after.

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