Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Porter and Molly were having foot races in the living room this evening. It was really dang cute to watch Molly running so hard and with such determination. Even more cute was when Porter let her win a couple times (without me even saying anything). And then later, he was not so cute when he shoved her over and sat on her head for "cheating". We're working on it.

Bryce is working a lot these days. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it makes my fuse very, very short sometimes. I hate it. I know I'm not alone in the awful husband work hours (I don't even have it the worst for sure), but I often wonder how everyone else copes.

I bought myself a new vacuum cleaner yesterday (for my Mother's Day gift). Exciting, I know. Except that it actually is. My old vacuum has definitely seen some love. When Bryce and I first moved up to Alaska eleven years (!) ago, we drove up with that thing strapped to the roof of my Subaru (which I also still have). It has picked up dirt faithfully since then, until the other day when it started making this god-awful high pitched noise that made me scared to turn it on. So I finally went out and got a new one, and wow. I think I just didn't realize how crappy the Hoover really was until I got one with a little power. Plus it's BRIGHT yellow. I like it.

I'm Cooking: Last night I made a Butternut Squash and Sage Lasagna for my vegetarian meal. It's from this cookbook (mom, it's that pumpkin lasagna from your friend). I knew it was an involved recipe, but I didn't look it over all that closely before I started. And oh goodness, it was one of those meals that has a lot of steps that require much time, if not any real skill. Perhaps not the best choice for Monday night. Anyway, the result was good, I really liked it. The kids didn't eat it, but I wasn't too surprised as I ended up doling out a lot of snacks to keep them out of my hair and happy while I was trying to finish. I'm not linking to the recipe here, because if I'm going to make something that takes hours and dirties every pot in my kitchen, it had better be totally amazing. Now, lasagna is hard because you can't really taste it before it's all done and too late. But I think next time, with some adjustments, I could make this recipe amazing and really worth the effort. I'll let you know and post more then. In any case, a vegetarian lasagna is a good choice for a meatless night.


  1. As far as coping, having lovely friends (and early bedtimes) helps! Please, don't hesitate to call whenever you're about to lose it. Chances are I am about to lose it, too (or already have).

    That lasagna looks amazing!

  2. Early bedtimes are a must. For sure. We should do (early) dinner sometime. It's fun to have an appreciative audience for your cooking (I know you know all about that).