Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lena Beach

An afternoon at the beach with good friends. I don't like to admit it, but there are some days when being a stay at home mom is really not tough.

I'm Cooking: Green Bean and Cremini Mushroom Saute with Bacon, Baked Brown Rice. Not a vegetarian meal, but low on the meat anyway. I had no recipe here, kids weren't so keen, but Bryce really liked it.


  1. SSSSSHHHHHhhhh.... don't tell anyone!!!! we have a terrifically difficult job!!! :) Actually I do remember last summer getting a little sick of going to the beach, lugging toys & snack & extra clothes around, trying to find shovels in the sand, sand filled shoes & Cars & ears, tantrums on the ride home because they are hot and tired, extra laundry, baths every night, no time to do anything around the house because we are outside so much... am I making it sound tough yet???? OK - life is grand during a beautiful Juneau Summer. :)

  2. Bring some of that sun with you when you come to Portland next week!