Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is it only Wednesday?

We are having a busy, long week here. I swear it's the weekend already. We've had a lot going on and I'm sick and Molly coughs all night and Bryce is never home and I'm done. But really, it's not that bad, I just feel like complaining. I haven't cooked much either. But I did get some aged Gouda at Costco the other day that is super awesome. You should check it out.

Tonight, for the definite highlight of our week, we attended a 5th birthday party. It was at the beach, in completely gorgeous Juneau weather, with hamburgers, beautiful cupcakes, kite making, and a pinata. Kid perfection. And the birthday girl was adorable.

I was going through my pictures, and just had to laugh when I saw this. I mean, PBR makes every 5th birthday party better, right?


  1. Awesome Picture of the birthday girl!

  2. He looks quite convincing with the PBR! I'm sorry your week is crazy - and so glad you were with us tonight. Great pics!

  3. Holy freaking moly this is hilarious! Are you having a relaxing day today? hope so. I'm actually questioning whether or not Mighty might have downed a PBR. He kept asking for pop and anything in a can is considered pop to him. Hmm. Awesome Nina shot!

  4. I know, it really looks like that's his can of beer, but I'm hoping I just set mine there to take some pictures! LOL.