Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Post

I had a fabulous day yesterday. Nothing fancy, but thanks to Bryce I got five kid free hours to do whatever I wanted. I honestly couldn't remember the last time I was alone in the house. I drank tea and read my book in the sunshine. I tried unsuccessfully to fix the vacuum cleaner. And then, I didn't really know what to do with myself. Sometimes I'm not very sure what I did with all my free time before I had kids. But I basked in the quiet and enjoyed every moment. I also received a lovely hand-made gift from Porter that involved a hand print in clay. He made it at preschool and was so proud to have a surprise all his own. And then we went out to dinner and for a walk on the docks. Perfect.

On Mother's Day I also, of course, called my own mother. She really deserves an entire week of posts devoted only to her. But for now, I want to say that I'm really, really, very sorry for all the stupid things I did as a teenager. I'm sure it's all going to come back to haunt me in a few years. And that the measure of her greatness can be summed up in my completely hysterical reaction after she left to go home after her visit for Molly's birth. We dropped her off at the airport, and Porter burst into tears. I had been trying to hold it in, but I cried so hard for so long that Bryce actually suggested we move to Oregon. It was that horrible I guess.

I miss you mom! You are the greatest cook, confidant, friend and grandma ever. I love you so much. I hope your day was as nice as mine.

On another note, the reason that mouse in my last post is so freakishly big is because it is actually a vole. Even through a blurry picture, my brother in law Graham is an expert.

I'm Cooking: Over the weekend, I made Crab Cakes. I like this recipe since it is all stuff you are likely to have in your fridge (except the crab I guess), and as long as you don't make the cakes too big, they stay together well when you fry them. But I think crab cakes are pretty much awesome no matter how you make them. I also made a batch of buttermilk pancakes, substituting the buttermilk with plain kefir. They had a wonderful taste, and the kids ate them up. Lastly, I made these Coconut Lime Cookies. I absolutely love lime anything, so I thought they were great, but the kids weren't so keen. They are a delicate, soft little cookie, and make your house smell fantastic while baking.

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  1. These pictures are fantastic! I am glad your day was so nice. And oh crab cakes... yum.