Sunday, February 6, 2011

Off The Road

We are back in the Big City, safe from our week long road trip with two small children (otherwise known as the Scenic Rest Area Tour of 1-90). We discovered an hour into our drive that Porter is still very much in the throes of car sickness and can not watch the DVD player unless closely supervised on a very straight stretch of highway. This kid has been throwing up in cars (and planes) his entire life, but he just doesn't get much of a chance to get sick in a town with 40 miles of road. I'm just thankful that he can now tell us what's coming at least a few seconds in advance.

We had a very good time seeing family and friends alike, and we got to show Porter the house we lived in when he was born. He didn't remember anything, and didn't really seem to believe that we once lived in Montana. Although the drive was long, it was worth it for sure. We are spending a few more days here with my parents, then we'll head back to the Far North, back to school and Dawson and getting ready for the new baby (10 weeks to go).

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