Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back in the Big City

We've taken the kids and made the pilgrimage to see family and friends down south in the big city. We survived the plane trip without any vomiting or major melt downs. Even though the DVD player ran out of batteries about 45 seconds into plane ride #1. My bad. I actually had a thought about how now that Molly was two this whole traveling thing was actually getting easier. And then I remembered. Easier, right. Just wait.

Now we are staying at my parents' house, enjoying good food and strewing toys and jars of worms in every possible nook and cranny. They are very good sports about it.

Bryce is currently way, way down south on a business trip, but will return soon. At which point we will head out on a 1600 mile road trip across the western United States to see far flung family and friends. Wish us luck.


  1. Our daughter recently threw up the entire way from Barcelona Spain to Anchorage Alaska. For a while there I thought the stewardess was going to report us to the CDC and we'd have to go into quarinteen - seriously. We also got one of the long life batteries for our mobile DVD player. Now it seems to outlast the kids on trips. Except they never want to watch the same thing, and always fight over it. Patrick