Monday, February 14, 2011

Zipping Right Along

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I really can't believe we are already halfway through February. For a long time, April seemed very far off, but now it feels like it's coming too quickly. In any case, we had a nice weekend here at home. Bryce installed the zip line on the tree house, and much fun was had by Porter, Bryce and our neighbors. Molly and I were resigned to watching, although I'm not sure how long I can convince Molly of the logic in that.

We also made Valentine's Day cards for Porter's preschool class. I admit to stealing this idea off another blog, but they were a big hit. And pretty easy to make.

We just got home from the party at preschool, and Porter is eating Fun Dip for the first time ever. He can't believe his luck.

I'm Cooking: Last night I made Lentil Soup. I added some ham and red wine vinegar at the end, but this is a great basic recipe. Good the next day too!

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