Thursday, February 24, 2011


This baby is making me feel a little bit like the movie Alien. I remember when I was pregnant with Porter, I loved feeling the little kicks and hiccups and movement. It all seemed so sweet and perfect and motherly to sit around and marvel at the miracle of a baby inside of me. But this time, the kicks seem so strong. Like this baby is going to come out kicking and screaming and with fully developed muscles. I mean, sometimes it hurts. A lot. And I can feel (what I think are) little hands and feet digging into my belly and it seems like she's trying to get the hell out of there. I'm grateful for feeling all this movement in some ways, because it means the baby is alive and healthy and doing her normal thing. But it just creeps me out a little bit too. I don't remember feeling this way with Porter or Molly, and it makes me feel kind of guilty and awful and like a bad mother. I read somewhere that your uterus thins out with each pregnancy, and that it is common for movement to feel much stronger the third time around. But wow. I really hope I am growing a baby girl and not a linebacker.

Also, congrats to my good friend Andrea who had a baby girl herself today. Welcome to the world Macy!

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