Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Also, a bit of a confession here. Because my kids could not possibly care less about smoked salmon and kelp pickles. It's really not like I can pretend that it's all for them. I've let them watch waaaaay too much TV, told Porter it was quiet no talking time when he was just asking me for the definition of new words, saw Molly drawing all over herself with a marker and looked the other way, gave them a huge bowl of Pirate's Booty right before dinner, and made several really, really empty threats. I think I need to figure out a way to involve them instead of just trying to keep them out of my hair. Sigh.

I'm Cooking: The other day I made this homemade sloppy joe recipe. It was great! And easy. And my kids seriously love them some sloppy joes.


  1. This is exactly the reason why I'm getting nothing done these days. Entirely too much ignoring of the kids started to make me feel guilty and I went the other way to make up for it--and now we all sit and do nothing but at least we're together :) It's tricky to find a medium!

    When we were in Texas, I feel like I involved them so much and they started to get overly confident that they could do anything alone (which is so cool, except that they can't quite manage...yet). I can't tell you all the flour and butter I cleaned up all over the house from their solo baking experiments, and the sewing projects they started alone only to break my sewing machine. Oh kids--I love them, I do.

    I need to make me some sloppy joes! Oh, and how's my buddy Dawson? I've been so worried but I keep forgetting to ask.

  2. I know. Porter loves to help. I need to quit being so anal about messes and all that and just let him do it.

    And Dawson is fine. I feel badly for him, but it's healing up well. Kind of freaks me out though, what if that was my kid? Oh well.

    Hope to see you tomorrow!