Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So Friday evening we finally arrived back in the Far North after having been away for more than a month. We had a fantastic trip, but I will say that I am in no way anxious to fly on an airplane with my children, like ever again. We were the last ones off the plane in Juneau, and while Bryce was wondering if we did in fact make it back alive, he overheard a woman tell her husband, "oh my God there was this woman with two kids, blah blah blah..." Sigh. At least it's over.

The rest of our time in Tennessee was busy, filled with family reunions, amusement parks, children's museums, aquariums, and everything else that we don't get to do where we live. It is always so wonderful to see how amazed my kids are at this stuff. I mean, I know that all kids are happy at a big amusement park, but Porter was beyond belief. It was very cute.

Tennessee is also very HOT in the summer. We are most definitely not used to that, people start complaining here when it hits 75. So with 100 degrees and humidity, we all felt like this...

But we survived. With the help of air conditioning and swimming pools and lots and lots of sweet tea. We really did have fun.

After I weed through the 600 pictures I took, I'm hoping to post more of them here.

In any case, here we are, and I am happy to be home. Even though I didn't grow up here, flying in and seeing the green and the clouds and the mountains and the ocean, I just felt that I could breathe. Although traveling is nice, this is definitely where we belong.

I'm Cooking: We enjoyed a local feast last night! Crab pasta, salad (with lettuce and carrots from our garden, woo-hoo!), and salmonberry pie. Yum.

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  1. I miss you all! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos! Give the little bugs hugs for me & remind Porter Gammy wants a drawing for her fridge.