Monday, October 10, 2011


Giggle in bed. And jump on the couch. And chase chickens. And dance in the kitchen.

They also fight to the death over every last toy in the house.

And get really annoyed when you try to take their picture.

But we had a great week! Thanks to Caitlin and Ava for making the trek to the Far North and sharing good food and big laughs.


  1. Porter's expression is wonderful!

  2. Thank you to the Kidds for a fun, crazy, and hilarious week. It's always great to see you guys, even if I come home a little more tired than I left. Everyone at work today said, you look a lot bigger than when you left! I can guarantee that it's less baby and more of the great food you cooked the whole time I was there. I miss everybody already, and I wish I lived closer. Alas. I love you, sister!