Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Pardon

Postings have been slim this week. The kids and I have been passing around a cold, which has turned into sleepless nights and crusted-shut eyes and one grumpy mom. Winter is hard on those in possession of young children.

But! Our chicken saga continues. Our original goal of only having egg-laying hens took another turn when the Little One (Big White's friend) declared himself most assuredly a rooster. He is a little guy, the outsider, picked on by the other four chickens. Slept by himself in a corner of the coop. And then one morning at a most annoying and dark hour, he starting crowing. And then he just never shut up. Bryce knew what had to be done, but he was putting it off. There wasn't much meat on the bird, and the whole plucking and butchering process didn't quite seem worth it. But it also seemed like a waste to just kill him and throw him away.

Bryce mentioned this dilemma at work, and a coworker of his offered to take the rooster, do the business himself and eat it for dinner. Great! Bryce put the Little One in a box and carted him off the next day. He gave it to this guy (who runs the asphalt plant), and happily went about his day. The next day he asked to see how it went, and it turns out the Little One endeared himself to the guy, and he just couldn't do it. And now, a couple of days later, he has become the asphalt plant pet, wandering free, apparently running up to anyone that comes around, fed all kinds of treats and staying warm next to the equipment. The Little One has found a new home, and is likely happier without those hens pestering him all day. Plus he can crow to his heart's content, and he won't bother anyone. It's kind of a happy story, although I'm not sure he can avoid eagles and truck tires forever. There has been talk of him moving to a horse barn to live out the winter there. So we will see how the Little One manages his last minute pardon.

Also! For those of my fellow Alaskans with salmon in the freezer, I made these homemade salmon fish sticks the other night. They were crispy and easy and my kids loved them. A great way to use up frozen salmon if you're a little sick of it already. I made them a bit thicker and bigger than called for so they wouldn't overcook in the oven. Yum.


  1. Jealous. Crazy Alaskans... Too much frozen salmon sounds like an awesome problem.

  2. I love that story! Also as regards frozen salmon - we've moved more to canned salmon because it is more convenient than frozen. And if you take the care to do it right canned salmon is REALLY REALLY good. Patrick