Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who Wants to Read a Bunch of Words Anyway

I have this big, long post about discipline festering in my head, and had a goal of finally writing it out today. But after a morning of very disappointing behavior and equally disappointing parenting, I've given up. Instead, I've decided to pretend that everyone is happy and post pictures from our weekend.

There were fish caught, whales seen bubble feeding, many boat rides, rainbows, and very tired kids.

I do not have the right kind of camera lens for whale watching, but this was actually really amazing to see. A big pod of humpback whales gets together and creates a round wall of bubbles that traps all the small fish inside, which they can then easily gobble up. You get a great show, even from the surface, of whales coming up again and again in this perfect circle. Porter, however, was unimpressed. Whales? Seen 'em before. I hate to think that my kids are going to become immune to this sort of display. I'm hoping that when they get a little older and really understand what is going on, that the whole thing will be more spectacular. I think it will.

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  1. Wonderful pictures Jessy. How interesting about the whale bubble feeding method!