Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Heat

We've had a nice weather streak here in the Far North. My thermometer read 83 yesterday, and that's about as hot as it ever gets here. It's funny because I know that 83 degrees really isn't that hot, but here it is. I went out to water the garden (which is not a strenuous activity), and came back beet faced and drenched in sweat. We are all sunburned and tired, but when it is sunny and warm here you just feel like you have to go, go, GO frolic outside NOW before the sun sets forever.

We've spent the past four days at various beaches, and it has been wonderful. The kids love it, and they swam in the ocean and investigated tide pools and built sand castles with friends. Cedar mostly slept, which made things easy for me. But we're a little beat now, and I have a mountain of damp, sandy laundry on the bathroom floor along with another mountain of sand and granola bar wrappers in my car. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, and I'll be just a little relieved to catch up.

I'm Cooking: I am! I am cooking! I keep meaning to blog about it too. Our garden has been producing this summer, and we've been eating well. We had a simple and tasty chicken and chard stir fry the other night. And oven roasted kohlrabi, which might be the only way I will cook it from now on. And lots and lots of salad. We are days away from the zucchini glut, and the peas and broccoli are well on their way too. Bryce hasn't had a lot of time to fish so far, but did come home with a couple of pink salmon last weekend which I smoked, and made Smoked Salmon Lasagna with. Good stuff. We are almost in berry season too, so I hope to be talking much more about food very soon.

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