Thursday, July 28, 2011

And That Is Why I Never Get Anything Done

Yesterday I had washed some sheets and was attempting to make a bed. Cedar was quietly sitting in the bouncy seat watching. Porter walked in, tripped over the seat and scared the baby, who started screaming. More screaming, and she decided the only way to calm down was by nursing. So I put down the sheets and took her out into the living room to feed her. This took about 15 minutes, and when we finished, I realized Molly had been in the bathroom for too long. Too long for it to be anything but trouble. I took the baby upstairs, set her on the hallway floor, and opened the bathroom door. I found that Molly had used my entire bottle of expensive face lotion to "wash" her hair, her clothes (that were still on her body), and pretty much the entire bathroom. Good Lord. So I put Molly in the shower, cleaned up the bathroom, and got kind of mad. By that time, the baby was not happy to be on the floor and was screaming again. I picked her up, and Porter informed me that he was hungry. Looking at the clock, I confirmed, yes, it was time to make lunch. Baby in the Ergo, sandwiches made. And the baby is hungry again. As I went back to the couch to nurse her, I walked past the bed. Still unmade two hours later.

But at least Molly's hair is really, really shiny.

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  1. At least you washed the sheets! You're doing splendidly.