Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fourth

Our fun weekend of visitors also included the local Fourth of July celebration, which turned out to be fun for everyone. The fireworks display here in the Far North has to be held at midnight on the third of July in order to achieve the needed level of darkness, so I declined to tell my children that it was even happening. They would have loved it, and I felt a little bad. But there is just no way I personally wanted to stay up that late, and really no way that anyone would have made it in any kind of a decent mood. The next day though we made it to the parade, about which Bryce's uncle said that he'd never seen such an enthusiastic parade anywhere else before. We may not be fancy, but we sure are into it up here I guess. The kids had a great time. We ate hot dogs and drank lemonade, and Porter got to enter his first ever soap box car derby. It was hilarious. He borrowed a car this year, but this kind of project is right up Bryce's alley, and I think we'll have a contender in 2012.

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  1. Could there be anything more adorable than the picture of Porter driving that little car? I can't wait til next year when he has his own. Go, Porter!