Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sour Cherries

I have always been a big fan of sweet cherries, there is nothing that says summer more than a big bowl of beautiful cherries in my opinion. But only in the past couple of years have I come to appreciate sour cherries and the awesome summer-ness that they hold. We have a sour cherry tree in our yard that is doing quite well again this year, and we picked our first bunch of fruit yesterday. I don't have much time for baking these days, but I made a Sour Cherry Coffee Cake. Wow! Yum. You get a bit of that cherry pie taste, but with one third of the effort. I didn't have quite enough cherries, and next time I might even add more than the recipe calls for. Because they are the definite star of the show. I'm really the only one here in my house that likes this sort of thing, and it's already half gone.

I'm excited to see what else we can cook up with the rest of the harvest.


  1. I want some!!! Let's cook when I get to Juneau.

  2. I would help you with that last half if I was there! Looks great.

  3. Thanks guys, I don't know what's wrong with these other people I live with!