Monday, May 9, 2011


Happy Mother's Day! We had a lovely weekend here full of good weather. The kids even put on swim suits and ran in the sprinkler (well, we don't have a sprinkler, that's Bryce with the hose, but still). I'm not saying it was really warm enough out for that, but they had a blast anyway.

I am still adjusting to life with three. Some days are good and I bask in my ability to cope. And then some days are so awful I feel like I spent the whole time sending the kids to their rooms and trying desperately to get the baby to sleep. I'm having an especially hard time with Molly, and I'm not sure if it's just worse since I have far less patience and time to deal with her. Or if she is acting out more from all the changes around here. Sometimes I feel like life is just one big tantrum and the total lack of listening is enough to drive me nuts. She also has no fear of consequences of any kind, and is therefore also very tough to discipline. Her latest antic, which is not only misbehavior but also dangerous, is waiting until I start nursing the baby and then running outside by herself. She is usually barefoot, and I suspect won't get far. But it's just a matter of time before she runs out in the road or tries to go down the zip line, and she just can not be trusted out there. Plus Bryce found her picking up one of the chickens by the head yesterday. We've had so many battles and time outs over this issue, but it has made zero difference. So I'm going to move on to child proof locks. I know that she's two, and that this is just a phase (made extra fun by her willful personality), but I really, really hope that this time is fairly short lived.

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  1. Locks will help, maybe putting the zip line up high or tied up. Are there any jr or sr high, girls in the area that could come over for a few hours each day to entertain Porter and Molly, nanny in training? Hang in there, it will get easier.