Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life Continues

The chickens are now living outside full time. They were entertaining in the living room, but they seem to enjoy having more space, eating table scraps and getting harassed by Molly on a daily basis. Boating season is upon us once again, and we've enjoyed some fresh Dungeness crab in the past few weeks. Cedar is waking up more, especially at night (sigh). But she's awfully cute, and is stealing the heart of even Porter, who swore he wanted a brother. Molly has always had a thing for babies though, and today she tried to comfort ours by picking her up when she was crying (while I turned around to help Porter for one minute). I knew it would happen, and she actually did a passable job. But it still scared me half to death. Three of them. Keeps me on my toes.


  1. I love all the pictures. Molly told me she thought the chickens are pretty, and Porter looks like he's in love with his little sister. I hope you get some sleep soon. Love you.

  2. Love all of your pictures, as always. You have THREE beautiful, perfect childen, Jessy. Hope you are doing well and getting some rest.


  3. Beautiful family, love the pictures and can't get enough of them. Porter does look like he's in love with his newest sister, and grateful she won't want his Lego's or hot wheels. Skype someday soon? Did the package arrive? Another package for Bryce's birthday is in route.