Friday, May 13, 2011

One Month

Cedar turned one month old yesterday. The time really is going by even faster the third go around. Despite some bad parenting moments in the past couple of days (only involving the older two and lots of yelling), I'm kind of feeling like we are going to survive.

Molly and I tried to weigh Cedar with my kitchen scale, and after much dissatisfaction, discovered that the scale doesn't work with items that heavy. But I think she's around nine or ten pounds. After a slow start, she's growing quickly now that she's into the groove.

And I just had to include these, because they made me laugh. Even though it sometimes feels like it, life isn't all yelling around here.

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  1. You made it through month one - the hardest month! Congrats!! Love, love, love the pictures. All 3 of your children are gorgeous, and look so happy and full of life. Trust me, I hear you on the tough mommy moments, but be proud of the amazing humans you are raising and your wonderful family. :-)