Thursday, May 26, 2011


I think I've written posts before about my cautious first born. He's always been hesitant to try new things, to go too fast or too high or too far. But he's also a little boy. A couple of days ago, I heard him yelling and talking to himself outside, and I thought I should see what he was up to. And I found him here:

I don't know if you can tell, but that's a pretty tall tree! Now that he's figured out he's capable, I can't keep him on the ground. He will try to climb just about any tree he can reach, and get as far up as possible. It scares me a little bit, but I'm not about to tell him he can't climb trees. And he's having a grand old time. I'm proud of him.

On the other hand, my second born has never been hesitant about going too high or too fast or too far. She scares me half to death all the time. The other night Bryce was working on his motorcycle in the garage, and Molly fell in love. The sight of her manic eyes as she screamed in glee (with no pants nonetheless) gave me an even scarier vision of my future. Maybe we'll just keep her away from motorcycles.


  1. Okay, that picture of Molly is hilarious. Definitely a keeper.

  2. That pictue of Molly made me laugh out loud. SO funny. Her and Tessa would be best friends ... but I think it's best that they can't hang out. :-)