Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today I found an enormous spider in our bathroom sink. I am not a fan of spiders. They pretty much freak me out. My kids were here though, and I hate to let on about stuff like that in front of them. Porter isn't scared of spiders at all. He has been known, on occasion, to pick them up, play with them and call them his friends. I can't even watch, it makes me want to crawl out of my skin. But I'm glad he's not afraid of spiders yet. It amazes me that this is not an instinctual reaction, but rather one learned over time. When he was maybe 18 months old, he found a beetle in our house and came to me with it wriggling in his hand. Without even thinking, I yelped and knocked it out of his hand. Hard. The bug was harmless, and he was so startled by my reaction that he started crying. And then he was scared of it. After that experience (which he seems not to remember now), I have been trying to not let my fears and inhibitions affect him and his choices. And it's about a lot more than bugs. It's about food and people and life. I guess if he doesn't want to study arachnology (yes, that's the word, I looked it up) in college, that would be FINE with me. But I just hope it's not because of me.

Molly still loves the table. She likes to hang out right on the edge like she's not paying any attention. It's a show-stopper.

Last week, I got some sunchokes (also known as Jerusalem artichokes) in my CSA. I had never seen or tasted them before. They are a little tuber, and I wasn't sure what to do with them. Last night, I was making some soup that needed potatoes, and I used these guys instead. Very tasty. I can't wait to try them again on their own.

We also made it to the beach this morning, it really feels like spring is in the air.

I'm Cooking: Cabbage Soup! I made it with regular bacon, added carrots and used just one normal bay leaf. My kids don't seem to like cabbage, but I love it, a nice Irish treat.

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  1. Mmm... sunchokes. I think our season is almost done here, which makes me sad. The only silver lining is that it means fava bean season is around the bend...