Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Love, Indiana Jones and his friends Cat and Frog


  1. Sorry about the haunted house experience! But the costumes are adorable!! and the Froggy looks vaguely familiar! Can't wait to squeeze them all in a few weeks!!

  2. Jessy, Molly sounds so much like Keira. So fearless and outgoing, but the imagination can get them. We took Keira to the local amusement park last summer and she rode the haunted house with her dad and it didn't phase her. I took her this year and she wanted to ride it again. Mind you, this ride has been there since I was a kid and longer than that and it was the same...last year. I noticed the painting of the ghost had changed to a more demonic looking thing, but didn't realize the inside had changed. OMG, Keira freaked! She was crying so hard when we got out and I thought she was going to hyperventilate! She climbed me like a tree as soon as we got out of that cart. We made a beeline for the carousel and all was finally well.

  3. Oh, and I remember that frog costume. I remember cracking up at your post on BBC about what to do with Porter, "What do we do with him, just dress him up and look at him?" I remember cracking up!