Monday, November 14, 2011


Again, life has gotten in the way of me writing anything intelligent or thought out. But!

Cedar is also allergic to the new antibiotics as evidenced by another horrible rash over the weekend. There was more crying and less sleeping and ohmygod this just needs to be over. She is looking much better today, and I'm taking her back in to the doctor to see if she can kick this ear infection.

We woke up today to a blizzard with a foot of snow already on the ground. Unexpected. They closed all the schools, which is a rare occurrence around these parts. SNOW DAY. Porter cried when he woke up, because he wanted to go. He clearly does not get the importance and joy of a snow day yet. But there is still time for that.

I had to rescue Molly twice from being stuck in the snow, once upside down. It must be hard when it comes up to your thighs.

I made a Venison Stew last night. Everyone liked it. I added potatoes and used my own seasoning. Very good on a winter evening.

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