Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I feel like Porter and I have been waiting for kindergarten to start for years now, and here it is, finally upon us. He has been watching the school bus drive past our house for years too, and insisted that he ride it the first day, even though I tried to convince him to let me drive. So we all walked down to the bus stop and waited with the big kids. He looked pretty nervous looking around at all these kids we didn't know. And then the bus came and I saw him get on. The bus driver asked him his name, and I saw that he couldn't understand Porter's mumbling. Then I saw him creep down the aisle of a very crowded bus, trying to find a seat in a sea of unfamiliar faces. There he was, my first baby, reliving that uncomfortable moment from my childhood. All alone. Gulp.

Luckily, that was by far the hardest part of the day for all of us. The girls and I followed the school bus in my car (I know, I know). And by the time we parked and found Porter in his classroom, all was right with his world. He had found some friends, and was beyond thrilled with his new teacher, the school and all the new big kid stuff that was now his to know. I could barely get him to talk to me. So I lingered, unneeded, for a few minutes, and then left to go back to my quiet house.

He was just as excited when I picked him up (kindergartners can't ride the bus home), and although he was exhausted, he was ready for another day at school. Molly and I baked cookies and watched Strawberry Shortcake this morning. And we are looking forward to hearing all about the second day.


  1. That brought me a little bit to tears. I know, it could be the hormones. I can't believe he wanted to ride the bus by himself on the first day! I can't wait to see you guys soon.

  2. Congratulations to Porter! Sounds like it went GREAT!!! So glad it went smooth. What a big day for all of you. Heres to so many fun adventures (and lots of good kindergarten blog posts, too!).

  3. Sounds like an amazing first day! Our babies are growing up. Enjoy your girl time during the day and all the great stories you will hear after school. Hope it's a great year!