Monday, March 28, 2011


I completely jinxed myself with that dang 5 year streak, and we had to take Porter to the ER this weekend. Ear infection and bronchitis, but it couldn't wait until Monday. He has always been one of those kids that gets a lot of ear infections, and is prone to asthma wheezing if a cold gets really bad. Twelve hours later with some antibiotics and an inhaler and he was good as new.

The chickens are doing well, although we lost one early on. I'm not totally sure what happened, but it got weak and probably wasn't getting much water or food and just lost the battle. The chicks are cute, but they are not exactly nice to each other. They sense weakness, and there is no mercy. They are already starting to get real feathers, and it'll be fun to see what their actual coloring will be.

I'm still pregnant, about two and a half weeks away from my due date. People keep telling me I look small, but I don't feel it. Everything hurts. I'm starting to be very, very ready to meet this baby. It could be any day now.

I'm Cooking: I made a new dish this weekend when we had some people over, and it was a hit. Summery and easy and really tasty. Brown Rice Salad with a Citrus Basil Vinaigrette. I cooked my rice with chicken stock and had more than 2 cups. There was still plenty of dressing. It was good the next day too!

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