Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On the Home Front

Tomorrow I will be 34 weeks pregnant. Which means that I could have a full term birth in as little as THREE WEEKS. Eek. I did buy a pack of newborn diapers the other day, but that is really, seriously all I have done to prepare for a new baby. I know that they don't need much for awhile, but we have a few pressing matters of a new bed for Molly and I'm not sure if three car seats will actually fit in the back of my car and where are all those tiny clothes again and just sheesh. How did time creep up on me like this? And why am I on the computer when I really should be doing something productive?

I also decided yesterday that dang it, I am going to potty train Molly for good, right now, before the baby gets here! Motivation! And then there was some success and a lot of fighting and peeing in pants. And a poop disaster that required me to throw away some clothes instead of washing them. And this morning when she threw a tantrum instead of sitting on the potty, I put a diaper on her and gave up. I feel bad, because I really didn't even try, and sometimes she is so good and clearly is showing many signs of being ready. But it is so much easier to have her in diapers at this point. And I'm lazy. And I just want to wait until it's easy. Or at least when I'm not pregnant.

Porter starts a new round of swimming lessons tonight, the "big kid" kind, where I'm hoping he'll learn to swim actual strokes. He can move across the water at this point and not drown. But I wouldn't really call it swimming. We will see.

I'm Cooking: Last night we had Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms, Steamed Broccoli and Rice Pilaf. The chicken recipe was a new one, and it was okay. The idea is good, it just needs some tweaking I think. The kids ate it up though, which makes it a win for me.

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