Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Day Old

No, I haven't had the baby yet. But because we like to have plenty of newborns to take care of, we got these guys in the mail yesterday...

They currently reside in our living room, but will eventually be outside in a coop. The kids are thrilled. And I have to admit, they are pretty dang cute.

I'm Cooking: I made Baked Salmon with Rice and Mangoes last night. I messed around with the rice quite a bit to make it tastier (and markedly less healthy) by adding butter, lime juice and brown sugar, but the idea is good. And mangoes go so well with salmon, it was delicious. I am sad to say that it was the last package of salmon in our freezer, but I made sure to enjoy it.

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  1. Is Dawson as excited as the kids? What breeds did you end up getting?