Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Porter has always been quite fond of freezer experiments. I often find little cups full of dubious ingredients, nicely frozen and forgotten about. Usually of the milk and chili powder variety. I tend to get annoyed with this. It is a mess and a waste of food and sometimes smells bad, etc. The other day though, I found a water balloon in the freezer, quite frozen. And when we took off the rubber, it was really a very cool looking ice sculpture. The whole family stood around to admire it and we put it outside on the deck where it still sits, awaiting warmer weather.

This very minor part of our day made me think. About how I am very much that mom who shuns things messy or inconvenient, for honestly no good reason. Obviously there are limits, but a lot of times, I don't want help in the kitchen because something will turn out not perfect or a little spilled. Or instead of taking the time to show Porter how the sewing machine works, I just ask him to find something else to do, because it's easier. Or I get annoyed because there's a little milk in my freezer that wasn't there before. It really wasn't hurting anyone.

So that is my New Year's Resolution. To be a little less controlling and worried about order and a little better at fostering imagination and interest. And maybe having a little more fun.


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  1. I could definitely use a little more "letting go" and having fun myself. Happy New Year, Jess :) It's gonna be a good one.