Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Difference

Tonight I put Porter to bed. We brushed teeth, I asked him if he had to pee (response - no), we had kisses and hugs and tucking in and all the usual stuff. And then he stalled. One more kiss. A glass of water. I have to pee. Um, Mom, can I ask you something? I ended up getting really annoyed and yelling and I hate it when I do that. It just ends the day on a sour note. But he pretty much always stalls and drives me insane when I put him to bed.

But when Bryce does it? He can be in and out in under a minute. No requests. No calling out from the bedroom. Just sleep. I don't understand it. We have similar methods. The routine is the same. Anyone else have this problem? Am I just that easy to manipulate and he knows it? Argh.


  1. I think he was ejoying the one on one with you. He and Bryce do one on one guy things together but for most of the day it's you, Molly & Porter. He's just grabbing some time with mom. Enjoy the time.

  2. Same thing with me and my wife Zoya. I can put our son down for a nap and she can't. When I put the kids to bed they go to sleep, but when Zoya does they keep on coming out. Go figure? Patrick

  3. Jessy, you just described me putting Keira to bed at least 5 nights out of 7.