Thursday, September 23, 2010

Party of Five

Yes, it's official. Sometime in mid-April 2011, we will no longer fit at a regular restaurant table. I'm pregnant! Eleven weeks today. We heard the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler yesterday, and everything looks good. We are all excited, but Porter had some especially astute observations.

When asked if he wanted a brother or a sister, he thought for awhile and told us that if it was a girl then Molly would have a friend. Which was very sweet. And then he said if I was Superman I could use my laser vision to look inside my tummy and find out for sure. Which is also true. But alas, no laser vision here. I don't think we're going to find out the sex until delivery, so we have a long time to wait.

I've been waiting to post this until I felt confident, but I'm hoping it explains the lack of cooking posts and lack of posting in general. I'm hoping to get into a better groove soon with the advent of the second trimester. More to come!

AND. As a side note. Although this baby was very much planned and wanted and we are so excited, I have been feeling like a big old pile of crap. There is something about little babies that makes you forget all about "morning" sickness and labor and all the other good stuff. But. I am so done. I really can't do this again or put my family through it. If, in four years or so, I start talking about how fun it would be to just have another cute little baby, slap me in the face quickly and refer me to this post. Thank you.


  1. Yayayayay! Congrats, Mama!
    Miss you guys!

  2. Jessy!!!!! So excited for you!!!!! Congratulations! I know this is your thing, but I will be praying for you and the baby and for all good things for your family.

    This is such exciting news! Woot!