Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday with Molly was one big ball of frustration for both of us. She threw a huge tantrum while we were at Porter's swimming lesson. The laying on the floor big fat tears nothing will make me stop kind of tantrum. A girl who often comes to swim at the same time told her that every time they saw each other, Molly was crying. She was trying to get Molly's attention to get her to stop, but it just made me feel embarrassed. We came home, she took a great, long nap, and then woke up to another awful mood. I had to put her in her room and close the door while I was finishing dinner, because I just could not listen to her scream and whine any more. I don't even know. I guess I'm not really looking for advice or ideas, because I'm all done with trying. I'm just sort of waiting it out at this point. And venting.

Then today, we went to nursery school, and she was actually pretty good. Playing nicely, no tantrums. I even left her there for awhile (grocery store by myself, thank goodness!), and she didn't even notice, or really seem to care when I returned. She was peaceful getting in the car (one of her big triggers), ate a good lunch, and is now still napping. So. Yay. I'm not really sure what gives. But I'll take what I can get for now.

Yesterday evening, after all of Molly's theatrics, I had a total failure of a dinner too. Just so you don't think I cook great food for my family all the time. I tried to make some kind of four cheese pasta, and the cheese all clumped up in the bottom of the pan while the sauce was all runny. We ate it, but yuck. It's a good thing today is going more smoothly. I think it reflects in my cooking.


  1. Suckfest. I really feel for you. I was thinking today about how I wanted to fly up there to see you, but we just can't make it work right now. But... Graham's going to apply for a program for the sole reason that the professor has connections in Fairbanks, so you never know. We may be in Alaska some day. I miss you, and I'm sorry it sucks right now. Bleck.

  2. Ditto--suckfest. Girls are such drama queens. I totally remember Lola being this way for a while. Ugh... I'm sorry Jess. That really blows.