Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Porter has always had a bit of a thing for order. Those who were around in the early days will remember the infamous car shows. He would line up all of his Matchbox cars in a certain (hard to explain) order and proudly call others to view his "car show." This, in fact, continues to this day. I found a car show in his room over the weekend, the cars perfectly lined up in order by color, light to dark.

For the past year or two, we've also been in the grips of Lego mania. And then is nothing better to organize than Legos. I come across these sorts of scenes on the floor of my house all the time...

Which is fine, but he really has no interest in cleaning them up, just putting them in piles. And when he gets out a whole box of Ziploc bags and sorts them all like that I just get annoyed. Right now he just has one big box for all the Legos, and this is clearly not meeting his standards. We have a LOT of Legos, too many for your ordinary fishing/jewelry/craft type box with the little compartments. I've been trying to find something to store them in that allows him to do his organizing NOT on the living room floor. But I'm having no luck. And I've done a lot of googling. Anyone out there have a solution?


  1. How about something like this?

  2. How about tupperware (or even the cheaper stuff) and then a big bin to hold all the little containers?

    Lily all of a sudden has shown interest in legos, but being Lily, she wants "girl" legos.

  3. Lori: That's a good idea, the ornament box. It might be big enough. I'm going to see if I can find one here that I can check out. Thanks!

    Andrea: I've been thinking of something like that, but I guess I'd have to find the right combination of containers. Sounds hard, but it might come down to it. LOL. And they make "girl" legos, right? Maybe not very many. What about the Toy Story ones? Porter plays with his legos seriously every single day. I love them.

  4. They do make girl legos - I actually just saw some yesterday at Barnes and Noble. I looked on line too and they have a few sets. I think if I got her some girly ones, she would be fine mixing them with some regular legos. Just as long as she has some pink ones.