Monday, August 16, 2010


I took the kids and the dog on a walk to the beach the other day. It was lovely out.
Porter brought his backpack full of adventure equipment, and he was looking for something to do. After Molly tossed his cardboard Frisbee in the ocean and it got covered in whale poop (thanks Bryce), he decided to climb a mountain.

Being the cautious first-born that I love so much, he got halfway up and started stalling. I don't think he wanted to admit fear or defeat though. I yelled over there that I thought it looked very dangerous and that he should probably come down before he started a rock slide. He agreed. And I'm sort of glad that we're on the same page.

Can you see him there? He's proud.

I'm Cooking: Tonight we had Lemon Mayonnaise Salmon (I know, mayo, but it's good, plus the kids love it), Roasted Potatoes, Zucchini and Carrots, and Salad. Over the weekend I made a Buttermilk Blueberry Cake, and it was delicious. I used a whole cup of buttermilk and lemon zest, and it turned out perfect. I also used fresh blueberries and didn't have any problems with them sinking. Mmmmm, summer.

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  1. The pictures are really cute, Jessy. It's so great of you to take them out for little adventures. Good mommy!!!!
    Miss y'all.