Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Round Up

Fun times and not so fun times:

The weekend before last we rented a forest service cabin for a couple of nights.  These cabins are lovely, but rustic, no water or electricity.  The weather wasn't great, but it really didn't matter.  We played board games, took walks, had BB gun target practice, roasted marshmallows and just hung out.  It was a relief to be beyond the daily routine of chores, activities and screens.  It always amazes me when we do things like this how the kids can actually entertain themselves for hours.  We didn't bring any toys beyond some paper for drawing, but they never once complained of boredom (which they do at home all the time).  It's not like they were angels.  There were fights over whose turn it was to launch the rocket and grumbling about the pancakes being weird, but they played all day without begging for my phone or the Wii.  It sort of makes me rethink a lot of modern conveniences.  But only sort of.

And then the next weekend Porter gave us a bit of a scare.  He had a minor cold for about a week, and then Saturday night he woke up coughing at 3am.  And he couldn't stop.  And then he couldn't breathe.  He came up to our room, tears and snot everywhere, throwing up, and in a total panic.  You could see it in his eyes.  He doesn't have asthma, but occasionally a seemingly minor cold will turn into an attack like this for him.  It had happened before, but never this badly.  Luckily, we had an inhaler from our last ER visit (that we never use), and we were able to get his throat to open back up enough to calm him down.  His breathing was still quite labored, so Bryce took him to the hospital to get some breathing treatments.  He is totally fine now.  I am sure bringing that inhaler with us everywhere we go from now on though!

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