Friday, February 22, 2013

Stand Tall

I weighed and measured the girls today, just because it had been a long time and I was curious.  And then I entered their information in one of those future height predictor calculators on the internet.  I know, I know.  But still.  Even my doctor told me they are usually fairly accurate after age two, if you factor in the parental heights.  It put Porter at 6 foot and Molly at 5'6".  Which makes sense.  Pretty close to where Bryce and I fall.  But then it predicted that Cedar will be 4'11".  I sort of didn't believe it, so I measured her again.  And I gave her an extra inch since she isn't quite two yet.  Same result.  She has always been little, and on the bottom of the growth curve at her well check ups.  But I just can't imagine that she will always be so little!  It's making me laugh.  I guess she will always be my little baby.

Also, unrelated news: I overheard Molly telling Cedar a story yesterday.  It was sort of a fairy tale round up with bears and fairies.  But the last line?  And then the bad witch flew down and made all the girls dance gangnam style.  I think I snorted a little bit into my coffee.

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  1. OMG! You had me laughing out loud at that last line! So funny! Its great that you write those one-liners down. They're precious-thanks for sharing! Zoya