Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Week In Review

Wow.  It has been crazy around here.  And fun.  And crazy.
Bryce's sister and her wonderful family came to visit.  Porter and Molly were so happy to hang out with "baby Q."

Molly had a birthday party.  There was much princess action.

 And ladybug cupcakes.

Then it snowed.  And snowed.  And snowed.  And Allison and I ran a 5K on Thanksgiving morning in two feet of the stuff.

Then we came home and ate.  And it was good.

We went sledding, and tried to take a Christmas card picture.  But someone (who will not be named) was scowling in every one.

 Porter went on his first successful deer hunt.  Dawson was happy.

And!  Today, Molly had her first day of preschool.  She's in the big leagues now, and true to her independent nature, did not need me in the least.  Get out of here now mom, really, it's embarrassing.

We really did have a great time with Allison, Dan and Hugh.  And a great holiday. 
 Cedar has decided that teething sucks, and sleeping in overrated, but she's happy too.
Looking forward to December and possibly more frequent blogging.
Happy belated Thanksgiving all! 

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