Saturday, December 17, 2011

So Long Baby

Having a baby these days seems to require the retention of many, many pieces of large, plastic containment devices.  They do serve a purpose (mainly of letting me shower and sleep), and so we've dutifully stored these items for six years, also acquiring additional plastic pieces every time we acquired a new baby.  But now that we are done (DONE) having babies, we get to pass on or otherwise get rid of this mountain of stuff.  It's exciting!  I am not a stuff person, and I've been waiting for this since Porter was little.  Bassinets!  Bouncy seats!  Swings!  Exersaucers!  You know. These things are big and awkwardly shaped and ugly.  And they end up in your living room and really, really dusty in your garage.

So I put some ads on craigslist and freecycle, and found some old user manuals.  And I was happy.  And then a really nice pregnant lady came and took the Fisher Price Baby Papasan (3 C batteries, I mean really).  And she left.  I watched out the window as she put it in her car.  And I was sad, I didn't expect it.  There goes my last baby. 

Did I mention she is eight months old?

Damn you, forward progression of time.  I like to get rid of stuff.  But I also really like my sweet, sweet baby.  And I'm not quite ready yet to give her up. 

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