Sunday, November 21, 2010


We had many a project going on at our house this weekend. Bryce has been building the doll cradle for Molly's birthday (tomorrow, eek!), and the last coat of oil is drying on it now. It isn't finished in these pictures, but I'll post more once I can get some good light. He didn't use any metal hardware at all. It's beautiful.

And I finished the blanket and pillow to go inside. I'm happy with my first real solo project, although I will admit this picture hides the totally messed up corners (if anyone can show me how to do the mitered thing, I'd be grateful) and the weird spot on the pillow where I closed it off by hand. But still. It was easy and I had fun. I used this tutorial for the blanket.

Lastly, there is a tree house going up in our backyard. It is in the very early stages right now, but I've seen the plans. It's a behemoth, complete with a hanging bridge and a zip line. I'm hoping the kids survive.

I'm Cooking: The other night I made Potatoes Au Gratin with a new recipe. Kind of time consuming, but damn. They were good. I used the Dubliner cheese again, and halved the recipe since it is enormous. Also covered the dish with foil in the beginning so it wouldn't brown too much. Yum!


  1. We are sooo coming over to play when that tree house is done! :) The crib and blanket are beautiful. What a special gift.

  2. Oh wow!! the cradle looks beautiful and what a luxury to have a tree house in your back garden. :))

  3. Yeah, we're coming over too. Have the insurance waivers ready.

    The crib is darling, I love your fabric. She will love it. Happy Birthday, sweet and feisty Molly!

  4. Tree house! No way! Man, you guys never cease to amaze me with your productivity! I can't wait to see it all in person tomorrow. And I'm super impressed with your blanket, Jess! Mitered corners are a bitch. I just saw a tutorial somewhere... I'll see if I can dig it up for you.