Monday, November 8, 2010

The Last of the Domestic Arts

When my mom was here last week, she gifted me with a sewing machine. My mom made all of our Halloween costumes when we were kids (among other things) and is generally awesome, and my sister took up sewing, and a ton of my friends are into it, but for some reason I've been putting it off for years. I dreaded even having to sew a button back onto a shirt. No longer though. And I'm excited. I'm not exactly a crafty person, and I foresee blankets and sewing patterns in my future. But also maybe a poodle skirt for Molly, and I can't wait. This is a hard place for clothing (I mean, really, the best place for clothes is the grocery store or possibly Costco), so at least Molly will get some cute things. Bryce is also happy that I can now (maybe) patch up his work pants instead of just throwing them away.

So, my mom and I bought a pattern and made a little dress for Molly, and it turned out adorable! It's fleece and comfortable and she loves it.

It's a good start.


  1. A "Good start" That's an amazing start!!! How adorable! I have been dabbling in sewing, but only can muster place mats, napkins and little draw string bags.

    Nice work!!

  2. That's awesome, Jessy! It's a super cute dress. I also like how she's standing on the table for the picture. Molly looks so old in her fashionable homemade clothing. Sewing, I find, is often frustrating, but also very satisfying. It's surprising how much cool stuff you can make without really knowing what you're doing. Have fun...

  3. Welcome to the dark side - you're sure to get hooked!

  4. love shopping for fabric and Joann's is very close, let me know what you'd like & how much.
    side note, sending Molly butterfly wings and a tutu for her birthday, all in pink with sequins & girl along with a couple other really girl things and something for Porter, will be in the mail tomorrow.
    Love & kisses, Grandma D.

  5. Cute dress and even cuter model. My mother was also very good at sewing however I can only make simple patterns but it can be addictive and when I have time I do enjoy it. Usually I make carnival costumes and very basic curtains, but wouldn't mind trying a dress or two :)

  6. Thanks everyone! And just to be sure you know, I could have never made that dress without my mom here. It took me half an hour last night to get the sewing machine threaded correctly.

    Deb - Molly will love, love that. And shockingly, we actually have a Joann's here. But I'm sure it is not as well stocked as locations by you, so I will let you know.

  7. Super cute!!! So what's your next big project?