Tuesday, October 12, 2010


For more (and much better) pictures of our camping adventure last weekend, check out my friend Jennifer's blog. Good stuff.

My kids are the most awesome dancers ever. Of course. I mean, aren't they all? Molly prefers Madonna while Porter is more in tune with reggae or the Beach Boys. And they like to perform. But the very second I get out the video camera (even if I try to be sly), they completely refuse to be cute and either stare blankly at the wall or try desperately to get behind the camera to see what I am filming. It drives me nuts! All I want is some cuteness to remember this age by!

My phone auto-corrects spelling when I'm typing emails, and the other day while I tried to type 'mail' it auto-corrected to 'email.' That struck me as kind of funny and sad.

Three people that I don't know very well have commented on my pregnancy in the past couple of days. I think that means that I've "popped." Or that they are really forward.

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