Monday, October 11, 2010

A 15 Inch Rock

This weekend we summoned up some energy and took off for a rustic forest service cabin with six adults and six kids. The cabin sat right on a gorgeous lake, with a deck looking out over the water and the mountains. There was fishing and hiking and bonfires and hot chocolate and a (very) late night canoe ride. Although everyone was exhausted by the end, we had a great time out in the woods. Even though I hardly took any pictures, I promise it was beautiful.

We did, however, have to hike 3.5 miles each way with all our stuff to get there. This was made more difficult by the three young ones that couldn't walk the whole way and the other kids that were just a little slow. I'm pretty sure that was by far the farthest that Porter has ever gone, and he wasn't altogether happy about it. At one point he looked at me and said "Mama, I'm as tired as a 15 inch rock." And I think I got it.


  1. Porter may be a writer yet. He seems to have his literary devices down pretty well for a five-year-old.

  2. That was the best one-liner ever. We had a blast, Jess! We need to plan our next one.